Leaping Hare in Watercolour – Original Sketch


A stunning little original painting in an unusual landscape format. Some loose ‘splatters’ indicate speed and movement.

This leaping hare has been created with watercolour and ink on high-quality acid-free paper with artist grade materials.

The image measures 29 x 14cm and is professionally mounted to 41 x 26cm.

The product is acetate wrapped to ensure it arrives in perfect condition, ready for a bespoke frame of your choice.

Already sold sorry.

Original Hare Sketch

There is something so special about the hare, from its wonderful whiskers to its big ears and big feet., This original hare sketch is a unique landscape format and depicts the hare leaping through the grass.

Hares continue to inspire my unique art collection, with hares featured in close-up portraits, and full body poses. Some, like this leaping hare, demonstrate something a little more dynamic with a sense of freedom and movement. The watercolour splashes help to create this sense of motion.

Hares continue to be an enduring feature of my painting collection and I am always inspired by their beauty, intelligence and character. I offer a range of hare prints, paintings and gifts and I continue to experiment with colour and different mediums including oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour.

Watercolour Hare Sketch

Vicki Davidson is a passionate artist, she has a passion for bright, dynamic and inspirational art. Always keen to experiment, Vicki works in oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal…and anything she can get her hands on to make a mark really! Subjects include sketches, portraits, animals (especially hares!) and, more recently, landscapes.


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