Yorkshire Hare Prints


Fine art print of ‘Yorkshire Hare’. From an original acrylic painting. This bold hare has soft autumnal background colours.

These high quality fine art prints come professionally mounted and cellophane wrapped. Ready for a frame of your choice.

  • Small print measures 13cm x 13cm (mounted to 25cm x 25cm)
  • Medium print measures 19cm x 19cm (mounted to 33cm x 33cm)
  • Large print measures 29cm x 29cm (mounted to 45cm x 45cm)

Also available as a Greeting card 

Most prints are kept in stock for immediate dispatch but delivery may be up to three weeks if temporarily out of stock. We will inform you as soon as possible if there is a delay.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or ideas for sketches and drawings.


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Yorkshire Hare

One of my favourite subjects to draw is the hare.

From my initial drawings and sketches, through to the final painting, I love to capture the beauty of these animals as there is something particularly unique about the hare. I have a keen interest in British wildlife and love to create drawings, sketches and paintings of hares, although I do paint other subjects as well! I get my inspiration from nature and being outside in the countryside. I am lucky to have lots of hares living in the countryside close to my home, and I never tire of seeing them and drawing them.

Vicki Davidson is an artist with a passion for bright, dynamic and inspirational art. Always keen to experiment, Vicki works in oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal…and anything she can get her hands on to make a mark really! Subjects include sketches, portraits, animals and, more recently, landscapes.

Buy Yorkshire Hare Paintings Online

Yorkshire, a region celebrated for its stunning landscapes and rich wildlife, serves as the perfect backdrop for artists inspired by nature, such as myself. One subject that captivates many is the hare, an iconic figure in British countryside lore and a popular motif in art. Near my home on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, I am lucky to see an abundance of hares. I love to focus my energy on drawing and painting these ‘Yorkshire Hares’. 

The hare is renowned for its elusive nature and swift movements; characteristics that artists strive to convey through various mediums. Paintings of hares often feature vibrant, expressive brushstrokes that echo the animal’s speed and agility. Watercolour, pastels, and oil are preferred mediums, as they allow for a fluid representation of the hare’s swift dashes. These artworks sometimes incorporate elements of the Yorkshire landscape, such as wheat fields or wild poppies. 

Hare Prints offer a more affordable but equally beautiful product for collectors, making them popular among a wider audience. 

As an artist selling online, showcasing my ‘Yorkshire Hare’ artwork often attracts a niche market of wildlife and art lovers. My online platform provides an opportunity for me to tell the story behind each piece, share the artistic process, and connect with buyers globally who appreciate the unique blend of natural beauty and artistic interpretation that these works represent.


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